Bridgend business improvement district and its discontents

Opposing views of a proposed BID in the market town of Bridgend south Wales are being aired. 

“Businesses in Bridgend are exploring the opportunity of developing a new business-led initiative to improve the town centre.

“A steering group, made up from a variety of business representatives, has recently been established to lead the process and look at the options for creating a Business Improvement District (BID).” That’s the message from the Bridgend BID website.

In opposition to the proposed BID another website has been set up and points out the problems with a BID.

“A lot is being done to implement the BID and very little is being done to make traders aware of it’s function. Very soon a ‘levy tax’ could be imposed on all town centre traders, if the vote they hold is in favour of a BID.”

The opposing website goes on to point out that the initiative is being supported by a company called The Means who have connections with a number of BIDs including some in Wales.

“This new ‘business-led initiative’ will be created by a company called The Means, it was involved in the BID mentioned in the news article” by Brixton Buzz about 141 traders being ordered by a court for non-payment of the London BID’s levy.

The Means is also involved in the fledgling Pontypridd BID. It is one of a number of companies working in the BID industry.


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A critical look at Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and worldwide. Public and private space.
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