Lively debate ahead of Southport BID ballot

Southport BID goes to the ballot on 27 March 2014 and there is a lively debate taking place in the town. The BID if successful would levy 1.5 percent of rateable value of the eligible businesses. 

Local online news site On The Spot News has carried a number of articles giving both the pro-BID view and the anti-BID view. The anti-BID group has accused the council of promoting the BID rather than being neutral. They say the council distributed “Vote Yes” stickers with the ballot papers.

Instead the Vote No BID campaign say that Sefton Council should be promoting the local businesses.

“We feel the BID is inadequately funded to make a real difference to Southport town centre and the smaller independent businesses will see little or no improvement to their businesses. It is the duty of our local council to play an active role in seeking the right level of external investment to ensure Southport enjoys a brighter future,” reports OTS News.

The Vote Yes BID campaign responded by saying either put up or shut up, reports OTS News.

There’s quite a discussion on the Southport Forum about the pros and cons of the Southport BID.

The ballot will take place on 27 March and the result announced on 28 March 2014. If the vote is in favour the BID will be launched on 1 June 2014.

The BID will consist of over 850 businesses. Only those business that have a rateable value of over £2,000 and are either classed by SIC code as Retail, Accommodation, Hospitality and Attraction will be liable to pay the levy. The BID would raise around £2.5m over five years.


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One Response to Lively debate ahead of Southport BID ballot

  1. Cathy Newton says:

    Southport’s BID has been suspended by Eric Pickles following complaints from local business owners regarding the behaviour of Sefton Council in the lead up to and deliverance of the BID ballot. Read Southport OTS for full story.

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