St Ives group critical of Cornish BID proposal

A new group has set up in opposition to a business improvement district (BID) in St Ives, Cornwall. A Facebook Page — The BID Debate, St Ives — is taking a critical stance on the proposed BID.

The BID is proposed by St Ives BID who will hold a ballot in March 2014 and are hoping to commence the BID in June 2014. The BID would levy 2 percent on the rateable value of businesses with a rateable value of £5,000 and over.


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4 Responses to St Ives group critical of Cornish BID proposal

  1. Helen Blamires says:

    The most important point to remember is that bids are not subject to the freedom of information act despite being funded with money by force of law by businesses who may or may not agree with it. This becomes a problem when businesses start questioning how money is being spent and not receiving adequate answers, also once voted in it can be difficult to vote a bid out

  2. Also in the Grassmarket, Edinburgh some of the largest businesses were excluded from paying anything to ensure the BID went through…. shocking… and many small, businesses were threatened with having bank accounts frozen just before Christmas… for this Scrooge levy bullying, plus struggling businesses getting Sheriff Officers letters… levies being used to promote stallholders at Saturday markets… and taking vital weekend trade AWAY from regular shops…. so much unhappiness so much waste, so many lies… you are voting for a stealth tax…. dont do it!

  3. Ann Gough says:

    The Secretary of State will be examining the ballot following the presentation of a petition identifying alleged ‘material irregularities’. This will place the matter on hold until he makes his decision.

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