Community is Asheville, North Carolina fears over new BID proposal

‘”Our community is not a mall:” Firestorm criticizes BID, calls for public forum’, says the headline on Mountain Xpress a community news site in  Asheville, North Carolina.

In an open letter to their mayor community members express their concern about a new BID in their town.

We are writing to you as a downtown business and community space concerned by the proposed Asheville Business Improvement District (BID) that will be considered by City Council on June 12th. As part of a formative network opposed to the BID, we want to share our concerns and extend an invitation to our community forum, to be held on Tuesday, June 5th at 5pm.

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A critical look at Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, and worldwide. Public and private space.
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2 Responses to Community is Asheville, North Carolina fears over new BID proposal

  1. Martin Ramsey says:

    We’ve managed to mobilize some opposition to the BID and broaden the conversation beyond merely a tax issue, but to an increasingly antidemocratic privatization of the public sphere, which has had the effect of drawing anti-BID support from multiple quarters. Also, from just forming a coalition against the BID, holding a forum in opposition to it(which we will do again when it comes up for a vote in Sept), and a demonstration outside the first vote, we managed to bump this back.

    The mountain xpress, our local weekly, has an excellent primer on the whole thing. Wish us luck.

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