BIDs in Dublin increase rents

Ireland after Nama has a good article about BIDs and increasing rents. One of the worries for small businesses is that although they may be under the threshold to pay the BID levy, BIDs do tend to increase rental values. Hence small businesses tend to get priced out as they can less easily absorb higher rents.


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One Response to BIDs in Dublin increase rents

  1. Philip Lawton says:

    Thank you for your comments on my post on the Ireland after Nama website. Just to clarify, in the post I was not saying that the BID had led to higher rents. This has been the case elsewhere, but was too early to say in Dublin. I was trying to use the recent economic downturn to highlight the limits to assuming that higher rents will have a positive impact on a retailing area. The article that you posted from the Independent about traders in the Oxford Street area does however point to what I perceive as the more troubling aspects of the BID’s and private management companies; namely, the larger companies win out at the expense of smaller retailers.

    Philip Lawton

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